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Roxio Easy Cd & Dvd Burning

Ron Mazzola


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Where do I find 101 for Dummies, either youtube or tutorials. I purchased Roxio approx 3 years ago, from Best Buy, but have not figured out how to use it.


I save my pictures in Picassa. I know how to download 2 or 3 or more photos to my gmail acct, and then either print them out, or mail them to family.


I'd like to figure out how to burn, download, several of those pictures onto a CD, and then make a Copy or 2 of that CD, for family members.


Also how to download them to a Flash Drive (Thumb Drive), the same way.


My Thanks for your help.


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Hello Mr. Digital Guru.


I didn't write the comments above, because the first time I've heard the words PHOTO SHOP, was today when I went on line. I'm using ROXIO easy CD & DVD burning. I'm trying to get a 101 for dummies on how to use it. Either youtube or tutorials?


I use Picassa as my photo folder, and I know how to send a few photos to family members by using my gmail acct.


I'm trying to learn how to download a bunch of pictures on a CD, and burn additional copies for family members. And also how to download them to a Flash Drive (thumb drive?) the same way. Copying them to the drive and sending the drive to family members.


Again, thanks for your help.


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What did you buy - Is it Easy CD and DVD burning? Didn't a users guide come with that? If not, perhaps this will help (link to download).


Windows may be enough It is a basic way to burn images if all you want to do is burn/copy images to a disc or thumb drive. Do you want to make a slide show?.


For Roxio, start on YouTube and search there for your topic.


Most of the Roxio tutorials have been removed from the web site and replaced by Corel information.

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I have had Roxio for sometime, but still can't figure it out. I've downloaded 148 pictures to Picassa, and now am trying to download them to a CD to bring them in toa photo shop where we can create an Album of my 148 Alaska pictures. Need help, please.


Which Roxio product do you have. You posted in PhotoShow. Do you have that and do you have the Premium membership? What version do you have? PC or MAC? Why did you mention photo shop?


Why did you upload them to Picassa? Don't you still have them on your computer?


Exactly what problem are you having -- it seems like you are saying that there is a problem getting them from Picassa. If so, ask Picassa for help.


Have you watched any of these tutorial videos?

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Ron: as I read you have pictures on a CD and want to Copy those pictures to your PC???


Additionally, you want to burn them onto a CD as well as copy them onto a thumb drive to send that to friends & family?


(just so you know - 'download' is a term for the electronic transfer or something on the web to your PC. Upload is the other way)


If there are a lot of pictures or they are BIG in bytes, email is not the way to do it! There are some other ways to do that (web) provided you friends/family have a computer and internet access, but let's stick to the copy burn for now ;)


Copy is the easiest.


Using Windows Explorer, locate both your CD with pictures and your thumb drive.

On the CD, select the pictures you want to copy and right click on one.

Find the Send To action and find the thumb drive and click on it:

(follow the Red arrows from Left to Right)


If it is a burn to disc then it would be best to know if you have 2 optical drives (one a burner) or 1. That can be done with Roxio or with Windows built in burning... Before we get into the Hows of that, tell us what you got or if I am even close to being on track here :lol:

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