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Is It Possible To Extract Images Form .psod Or .dat Files?





My external drive was stolen and lost many pictures, but in Roxio Media Creator Import can see some of them as thumbnails in the right side pane.


Think the thumbnails are stored in the .psod or .dat files, is there any way to extract the images from the database ? The original files where in the external drive.


One solution is set to the biggest thumbnail size and then make a screen shot, but that will be time consuming and quality will be lost. If at least I could extract the biggest image and best quality from the database would be great.


Any ideas?


TIA, Oscar.

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Up Front! I have never even seen Roxio Media Creator :lol:


The 'dat' file is most likely to do with Project files and contain program notes and settings.


The 'psod' files I have never heard of :huh: Can you give us an idea of the Size of this file? Are there more than one?


The thumbnails are going to be pretty low quality no mater what you do ~ if the quality info for an image is there, nothing can make it better...


Brendon is our Guru Emeritus so he may have some better ideas. He lives in a different date/time zone but should check in by tomorrow.

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Hi Jim,


Sorry, I meant Roxio Media Import :huh: ... from Roxio Creator Business Edition in my old Lenovo T400


.psod and .dat are located in C:\Users\Anyo\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\MediaManager9 and C:\Users\Anyo\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\MediaManager10; sizes are quite small around 7 MB ... BTW, I'm guessing that thumbnails are inside those files.


And yes, sadly understand that will be low quality; but better than nothing or a screenshot.


Attachments show file sizes and thumbnails max size..


Regards, Oscar.




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Sorry, I also checked with others and no one has anything better to offer you :unsure:


Still, hang on to these psod files in case you run across a better solution down the road.


Archiving. When it comes to important data (pictures and things) always use 3


I have several computers networked so I save my pictures across all of them.


But that is not enough! I also back up those computers to external HDDs using 2 per computer and alternating them every other month.


Still not enough! I use optical media to make another backup (pics & docs). This is less frequent as most of those things don't change too much but now nieces and nephews are starting their families so pics and things are changing more often.

New discs are used each time, to keep it 'fresh' and I keep the old ones, just in case. (I still have some 3 1/2" floppies with some)


Only thing I haven't done is keep a set of these off site! All my eggs are still in one basket and I need to make that better!

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Do you have the old Roxio Software Easy Media Creator?


There was a Easy Media Creator 7, 7.5, 8, 9, & 10.


The PSOD file extension is mainly related to Roxio Easy Media Creator program for Microsoft Windows and used for its default album file. Typically found as album.psod within the program folder.


Help how to open PSOD files:

Use Roxio Easy Media Creator to open *.psod files.

How to convert file with extension PSOD:

Due the variability and uncertainty of this file type group, there is no general information available, about how to convert this various data file format. However most files with extension from this group are usually not in formats, which can be converted.

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