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Creating A Professional Audio Cd




I do not know if this is the correct place where to ask but hope to be in the right place with the right people.

I have to create an audio CD (CD-R 80min). So far I worked with Audacity to make it and it is done. I then exported it as WAV 16 PCM.

I am using Roxio Creator NXT 4 (on Windows 10 Home x64) but do not know how to make so that when I play the CD into a PC or similar the Audio software player (i.e.: Windows medial player, PowerDVD ......) will show a cover image, title and so on.

So far it shows no cover image, Trace 1, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album (30/06/2016 17:37:21).

Rather, if I play a commercial Audio CD I can see all properties and a cover image.


Can anyone please advise me what I should to accomplish my goal?

I already filled in the CD properties customizing both "Track" and "Album" filling in most of those fields but it does not work.


Thank you


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An Audio CD does not contain cover art. If Windows Media Player, or another player application is showing you cover art, it is because it is searching online, and finding a match for the CD that is being played, and it is then downloading that cover art, and possibly the track/title information. When you write an Audio CD, if you have it set to write CD-Text data, then the artist-title-track information is included on the CD, but Windows media player does NOT read CD-Text data. Again, it gets it from the internet after matching information about the CD (number of tracks, their length, etc.) and downloading it. Your CD, unless you've simply copied a commercial CD, won't match any searches.


If you check with some of the on-line databases (Gracenote, etc.), you can actually upload the information about your CD. I don't know what it takes to do that, it may involve money, it may not, I've never attempted, or wanted, to do that.


MP3 files can point to cover art. If you download an MP3 album, it may include cover artwork, and be pointed to by those MP3 files. But the Red Book Audio CD specification doesn't contain any provisions for cover art.


Hope that helps!

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