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Best Workflow? Fcpx > Toast 14 Pro Bluray



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Personally, for "standard DVDs" I'm using the outdated, obsolete, but yet otherwise surprisingly still working FCS3 on El Capitan along with the current version of Compressor. Still using chapter marks in FCP, export as a Quick Time (reference) movie, using the export option of "DVD Studio Pro markers". Those are picked up by Compressor during import, then I pull the resulting .m2v and .ac3 files from Compressor into DSP, and when I'm ready to create a disc, I have DSP create a disc image file, and then just right click and "Burn... to disc" in the Finder.


I haven't yet seen FCPX myself (wasn't aware it could do image files o_O), but I'm guessing that you could do something similar, up to the point of creating the disc image file (which Compressor can do, but with very limited menu options, which is why I'm still using DSP). Once you have the disc image file, you don't need any other apps.


Re: Blu-ray discs, I'm using the same exact process, but leaving DSP out of the equation (since it only works with DVDs), and using Compressor to create a Blu-ray disc image file. After that, same process of right click on the disc image file, etc.

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