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Scanner Failure After Installing Creator Nxt 3 (Split From Another Topic)



Long time user of the Creator line.


After upgrading to Win 10, I found it necessary to upgrade, as my version did not have the needed CD/DVD filters used to address the drives. Post installation, I noticed that my trusty older HP 8200 series scanner no longer worked. The issue seems to be stemming from a conflict between Creator NXT-3 and the driver/software used for the scanner in HP Solution Center.


When C-NXT3 is installed, the scanner and Solution Center will start to acquire the image. At the end of the scan cycle, the application will crash with the following error message:


HP Scan Application Resources has stopped working A problem has caused the program to stop working...


My other newer scanner, an HP OfficeJet Pro 7780 has no issues. Remove C-NXT3 and the conflict resolves.


Following, are the particulars:


Windows 10 (Fresh install - NOT over older OS)

Creator NXT-3 (Fresh install- again and again)

HP Scanjet 8200 series (driver re-installed POST NXT3 install)

HP Solution Center v (launchpad for suite of scan apps)

and the HP CUE-Scanning Flow component hpqkygrp.exe" -m8200 (I suspect THIS is what NXT3 is conflicting with)



The above should answer most of the basic questions.For more on the history, please see the following link to a previously posted thread:





If anyone has experienced this or similar issues and has found a resolve, please let me know.




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