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Freeze Video Clip At End.

Willard M


I am making a movie using a green screen stage curtain opening video clip as an overlay over an old silent screen movie as the background. The length of the video clip is 22 seconds duration. I would like for it to run out to the end and then freeze at the last frame for about an additional 38 second duration to the end of the silent screen movie which runs for a minute. So far the only thing I have come up with is to extract a still clip right at the end of the overlay and then add it on as an additional overlay. I know of the speed control but I am only able to apply it to the base video clip. I am unable to get a seamless continuation of the movie doing this. After the curtain opens I don't need any movement for the rest of the frame. Does anyone know of a way to freeze a clip at the end of the video clip or an add on to provide a seamless continuation?

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Thanks Jim,


I thought that was going to be my answer but this program continues to surprise me with more of what I don't know than what I do know about what it will do. I went ahead as you suggested and added a still clip on different overlay line and overlapped the video clip a little. I then set the duration to what I needed. I have been playing with it to make it look seamless. A few problems with color and size but it is getting better. Thanks again for the reply.



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