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Hoof Hearted

Burning Stops Mid-Way Through In El Capitan


I'm using Toast 10 (v10.0.9) on a new iMac running Mac OS 10.11.6.. It is the latest update available as far as I can tell because the "About Toast 10 Titanium" Info box comes up blank.


When copying from one DVD to another using 'Disc copy' in Toast 10 the burn sticks at various stages midway through writing Track 1. On one occasion it stopped during disk verification.


There is no error message and mostly the only way forward is to force quit Toast. Even if the 'Cancel' button is not greyed out, selecting it does nothing. Also the DVD's icon disappears from the Desktop and details of the drive disappear from my "About this Mac" report.


Sometimes the DVD burns led continues flashing. At other times it stops flashing.


It is currently stuck writing track 1 at 69% with 4.09 minutes remaining to completion. I don't think the Mac going into sleep mode has anything to do with this.


The burner is an LG BPO6LU10 (ROM version HL03) Super multi Blue Blu-ray Disk Rewriter. The drive play movies back fine.

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I'm confused about you mentioning Track 1. AFAIK, DVD doesn't have tracks. It seems like a CD term (Audio CD, VCD, SVCD).

(Toast doesn't support DVD sessions either, as neither the Finder nor set top players would support that fully.)


If you let Toast make a Disc Image file, does that process complete? If you let Toast burn with that Disc Image file as source, does that go through 100%? I.e. make it a two step process, to see if it makes a difference.


Toast may loose communication with the drive after a while of inactivity (e.g. Toast in the background). As a precaution, set Prevent App Nap in the Get Info window for the Toast application.


One other thing, it may be a bad disc/bad batch of discs. It happens. Disc quality is about (1) burn issues, (2) reading back now, and (3) reading back much later (longevity).


The drive play movies back fine.”

Pressed discs (commercial pre-recorded discs) are much easier to read than home burned discs (-R/+R/-RW/+RW discs), as the contrast in reflectivity differs greatly. Maybe you tested a previously burned DVD-Video, but I can't conclude that from your post. Just be aware of the difference.

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