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Does "reencoding: Never" Actually Work Now In Toast 15?


Effectively a repost of my question re: Toast 14, which was never answered.


I bought Toast 12 about a year or so ago (and apparently right before Toast 14 was released), and at the time there was an issue with the "Reencoding: Never" setting when creating a Blu-ray disc that, if you had encoded video as H.264, it would attempt to re-encode anyway - and "never" finish (read as: after 24+ hours I gave up). The "workaround" for Toast 12 was to encode as MPEG-2, which appeared to work - but Roxio appeared to ignore the issue and move on to Toast 14.


Is anyone currently using Toast 15 to burn H.264 encoded video using the "Reencoding: Never" setting - and does that actually work within a "reasonable" amount of time (read as: close to actual running time of content, but not more than double; e.g. no more than 4 hours for a 2 hour running time)?

Separate but related, looks like there's already complaints/issues in this forum about Toast 15 on both Yosemite and El Capitan. How "stable" is the latest build of the app on El Capitan 10.11.5 (or 10.11.6 for that matter)?

Someone I know is asking me about whether they should get the Blu-ray plug-in for their copy of Toast 11, or upgrade to Toast 15... and I'm wondering whether they should bother with either. Personally, I've only used Toast 12 with the Blu-ray plug-in to make a single Blu-ray project with multiple tracks/titles because Compressor can't do that; but otherwise, all my projects are single track/title and I just use Compressor (as it's both stable and easier for me). Toast doesn't otherwise appear to provide any additional "features" for creating Blu-ray discs that Compressor doesn't cover (and both appear to be severely limited when comparing Blu-ray menus to DVD menu features, but that's another topic entirely).

Based on the complaint/issue posts in this forum, I'd be hesitant to buy any version of Toast until after a) macOS Sierra is released in the fall and B) Roxio updates Toast accordingly - and fixes the existing issues (just in case there was any question about that, eh?). It otherwise appears to be a "dead" product that Roxio keeps "poking" just to sell more copies (*cough* cash grab *cough*) without actually fixing issues between releases.

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I don't think anyone will argue with you opinions about Roxio Support although I suspect that Toast 15 came out because it was nearly done therefor cost effective to finish & release. We have seen this across the line since Corel bought Roxio :(


On the PC side they bought out a Win 10 compatible version but it was ripped to shreds in the MyDVD app :o


Sorry I cannot speak to the rest of your questions but I don't own a MAC. I am curious why only a few have issues with Toast 15 and their MAC OS...

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