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Recovery Of .cl3 Files, Made By Easy Cd Creator 3.5

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I used to have an old Win98se machine, with Easy CD Creator ver 3.5. The pc crashed, and the cd that came with the pc somehow got lost. I still have some .cl3 files with hundreds of media info in them. I have built another Win98se desktop, and have installed Easy CD Creator ver 4, but could not open the .cl3 files. I have uninstalled ver 4.0, and then installed from disc, Easy CD Creator 5.0, to no avail. I have the newer version of Easy CD Creator 6.0 Platinum, but it is not backwards compatible either.

Or..........perhaps there is something in the way that the newer versions are simply not capable of reading the older .cl3 files.

I have even opened one of the .cl3 files in Notepad, and I can see the title of the song, and a whole lot of extraeaneous info gibberish........but being a text file, I cannot simply "copy and paste" that info per file into another program and get my file(s) back.

Some are .jpg files for the CD covers......but it's all encoded.


So.........I need to do one of three things: 1. find and purchase another Adeptec Easy CD Creator 3.0 or 3.5 disc.

2. find out if versions 4, or 5, or 6 can still be used to open them.

3. find a freeware version of some opensource software program to convert the files.



Is any of these viable to accomplish?


thanks for your help


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My recollection (subject to correction) is that .cl3 files are the project files for music discs. And that's all they are, the project files. They contain the information for writing a disc using music files that exist elsewhere on your system. So, if you also recreated all of the paths with all of the music files with the same names as required by the .CL3 files, and installed that version 3.5 of Easy CD Creator, those files would work. You can probably find Easy CD Creator 3.5 on eBay if you look long enough. Adaptec/Roxio never did a good job of making their program backward compatible, which is why you'd need ECDC 3.5.


But again, the .cl3 files don't contain the music files to write, only the information about where the program should look for them to write them to disc. So, unless you have all of those music files backed up somewhere, and can recreate those paths, the .cl3 files by themselves won't give you much.

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