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Adjusting Volume Levels B/4 Export To Usb Flash Dirve





I got a new car that has an audio slot for USB flash drives.


I would like to adjust the volume (loudness) of all the .mp3 or .wav files I copy to the USB flash drive from my hard drive. I would like to do many at a time instead of one at a time.


The "Help" section is rather poor! How do I go about this?


Thanks in advance to all that reply!


Dyno Don

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Hi Don: I have never actually done this but use Sound Editor and add your files.


Move them into the play order you want then select all of them.


Under Tools - Options - Fading and Volume, choose Maximize Volume.


After you apply that, then Export Mix to file.


As I have not actually tried this, I suggest you test it first! ;)


Take a song you know has High volume, another with Mid volume and a third of Low volume. Process them and export. See what you think.


There is a Normalize Volume in those options too, but as I recall it does not work as you would think... Still try it and make another export.


Let us know which one you think works -_-

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Hello D.G.


Here is what I have done so far:


1. Added the audio files

2. Joined the clips per Edit Menu

3. Normalized all - you need to join all the clips in order to use the Normalize function

4. Split the clips at the "Markers"

5. Exported as clips to USB flash drive

6. B/4 exporting, I checked the Maximize volume before exporting box.


I am still working on this, as it is a part time project.


Will play it in the car and see what happens.


Thanks much!



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