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How To Stop My Photoshow From Being Copied

Maureen LaPorte


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There is no way you can totally stop some who is intent in getting your photos.:


You can slow them down with privacy settings:


Privacy settings

Some PhotoShow users do not want all the shows in their account to be available for public viewing on the Web. Because privacy is sometimes a concern, you have complete control over the privacy settings for every PhotoShow in your account.

By default a PhotoShow is public and is displayed on your member page, where anyone who knows your PhotoShow member address can view it. PhotoShows are not searchable and member addresses are not published at Roxio PhotoShow online. In most cases only your invited guests will be viewing your member page. To further limit access, select a member address that cannot be easily guessed.

You also have the option to make a PhotoShow private. Private shows can only be viewed by guests whose e-mail addresses appear in its guest list, which you control.

To make a PhotoShow private, follow these steps:

Go to Roxio PhotoShow online and sign in to your account.

On the next page, click Privacy settings and select the Require guests to sign in to view this show checkbox.
In the My Guest List field, type the e-mail addresses of the people you want to give permission to view the show. After entering each e-mail address, click Add.

To view the private PhotoShow, the people in your guest list will first need to sign into their own Roxio PhotoShow online account using the same e-mail address you have specified.

You can also use the Privacy Settings box to allow guests to download copies of the photos and videos contained in a PhotoShow you have shared. To permit downloads from this Photoshow, select the Allow photos to be downloaded checkbox.

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