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Easy Media Creator 10



I am receiving a "No Permission to Launch" error for Easy Media Creator 10. I created a video with this software in 2008. I want to update the video but can't access the application. Technical support said the problem is because this version is no longer maintained and suggested I start a new thread here to find a solution. The only CD I can find from the original installation software is the Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE Service Kit.


If there's no way to make the software run, is there a way to recover the video file? I would then try to use the pictures in some different software to create/update my video.


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If you scanned the pic's to a file you should still have it?


You can make a project in videowave and play it but that doesn't create a video file unless you tell it to and where to save it.


Easy Media Creator 10 & Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE Service Kit are not the same software, the later (DE) is a Dell Edition made especially for them.


Opening the Easy Media Creator 10 on your current PC won't help if you moved things, don't have the pic's, or updated your operating system?

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