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Issue With Connecting Pc To Captuer Device!





I've been using the Roxio Game Cap HD Pro and been having some issue with the connection. I'm doing a dual stream set up with the capture card plunging a PC into the input and outputting it to another PC and then to OBS to set up both the capture card video and the other computer video side by side for a dual stream.


The issue is most of the time the computer that is inputting into the capture card will not be picked up and It would say No single in red along with a blue screen with a black line on it, and sometimes just a black image.


When going into Device Manager it dose not come up as Roxio Game Cap HD Pro instead it DEMO TDA19978 I don't know if this may have to do with the issue.


It seems to be kinda hard to find info on this issue since most people use it with a PlayStation and Xbox not a PC outputting to another PC to dual stream on twitch.


Dose anyone know what the issue might be or how to fix it, or maybe is the capture card just not meant to do this?


Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

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Hello and thank you for the reply, I don't think it dose. The issue I'm having is that the capture card is for some reason un able to pick up the computer.


I have a HDMI going from the input to a PC then the USB cord going from the output into another PC, the capture card video is then going into OBS along with the other computers video side by side for a dual stream effect.


Is issue is either 1 of 2 things, the computer will not pick up the capture card (tried it on other computers and consoles so maybe something is wrong with it) or the other witch started happing over the weekend and that is the video will freeze mid stream. (Did upload windows so don't know if that may have played a factor in this)

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'No Signal' in Red means just that and nothing else! When you see taht you do not have a valid signal coming into the RGC Device.


An easy test for your HDMI output- take the HDMI Out cable and plug it into another Monitor. IF it is outputting AND your Monitor is HDCP compliant, you will get a picture. But both conditions must be met!


The Capture Software is on the PC you have the USB going to, right?


Next test - eliminate the other PC! Does it work when used as designed?

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