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Unable To Burn To Blu Ray Or Avchd Media; Burn Cancelled Message



I have recently created a project in NXT4 that uses media edited thru GoPro Studio and Roxio NXT4. I am at the stage where I want to burn it to Blu Ray media. Whenever I try to burn the ISO image or the Blu Ray itself, the DVD software immediately comes back with a '100% Burn Cancelled'. I've even taken a simple video image or a photo and tried the same steps and I get the same result. The only time I get a successful completion is when I try to burn to standard DVD. I emailed Roxio support and so far they have had me delete all temp files and renaming the Roxio folder in my AppData folder. I even reloaded the Roxio software.


I am runnign Windows 10 64bit on a Dell Optiplex. The Blu ray drives are MoDisc BD-Rewriter (LG?) units. They have always worked prior to this, so I'm not sure if this is a driver issue. It doesn't explain why the ISO image cannot be created.

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