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Daphne Ahlers

Videowave Very Slow + No Preview Images


Videowave worked fine on my windows 7 PC, but I want to work at my Asus laptop (Windows 10 Home, i7, 6 MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M).
It does work, but very very slow.
Also, I cannot view my production, it does start and I can hear the sound, but the space where I should see my video remains blank.
When I double click on an item in the story line, it will open slowly but also will play it only with sound, the video won't show, I just see the first frame instead of the video.

When I export my production I do get a working movie.

So, the programs is working but I cannot see what I am doing because the preview screens do not show my content:(


Already cleared proxy files, defragged harddrive, updated video driver and deinstalled K-lite codec pack.

Any ideas how to solve this?


Dxdiag results in attachment


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Take a look at the error messages near the end of the dxdiag result you posted.


You seem to have problems with NvStreamUserAgent.exe, NIS.exe and TiWorker.exe. at least.


I'm betting that you installed NXT 4 with your antivirus active and that screwed the install of that program and caused other issues.


My suggestion is to uninstall the program using somethign like REVO Uninstaller Pro (trial version) using the MODERATE Mode only. Reboot, turn off the antivirus - just don;t pause it. Reinstall the program.


Do not use any registry cleaners; they are not needed and sometimes cause problems with cleaning the registry.


Turn off Norton when you are doing any video editing. It has already scanned any items written to your computer.


Let us know if there have been any improvements.

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