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From Dvd To Usb



I have used Toast for many years and it has served me well. With the changes in technology, Apple no longer using DVD ports, I am making a switch to offer my clients their videos on USB rather than DVD. When I drag my Video clips into toast for DVD it "automatically resizes/ re-formats" the files to fit on a DVD 4.7GB. That is with my menu.


How can i keep the menu and file size?


I want it to be the same as if you put in a DVD only you will be using a USB.



I will take any ideas/help anyone can give.

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Same as it ever was:

Save as DVD-Video disc image. Rename Foo.toast to Foo.iso . E.g. VLC can play from disc images directly (without mounting). You could even include “VLC Portable” clients for those unfamiliar with how to deal with it.


Be modern:

Forget the menu. Just provide one or more .mp4 files. Some modern tv units can probably play directly from the stick. Not sure about the most compatible file format/specs, but it's not for everybody anyway.

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