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How Do I Import Music Into My Dvd Media Browser Panel?



Hi I'm new to using Roxio Titanium Toast which I've just bought to make a wedding DVD


I've imported my video into MyDVD and am trying to add music. I can see ITunes and folders in the Media Browser Panel but can't open the folders to see the music to import it.


I then tried dragging music files from the CD into the Media Browser (AIFF files) but got the message that the file type isn't supported. I also got that message when I tried dragging and dropping music from ITunes.


And I've also tried importing the music from the CD into Roxio Titanium Toast by cntrl clicking on the music on the CD and selecting open with Titanium Toast. After that I got stuck, but it didn't show up in the Media Browser Panel


I've read the instructions on the Help Menu but it just tells you to drag the music from the Media Browser window but nothing on how to open the music folders and there doesn't seem to be a section on which files are supported or a trouble shooting section.


I wondered if it was a copyright issue but I'm having exactly the same problem with the pictures folder in the Media Browser Panel. I can see the folders but there is no way of opening them to import the contents


Any help will be much appreciated

Screen Grab MyDVD Media Browser.tiff

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Not totally sure why they have the media picker list on the left as it just doesn't work. If you want to add music (like music playing during the main menu), make sure you are in the Edit Menu mode, and click the musical note with the plus icon. You will get the standard open file dialog. Scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar list on the left and choose Music. You will now be able to choose a song. Hit the Play button (square with arrow), and you should hear your music.



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