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Does Nxt 4 Not Save/load Homemade Menus? (Split)

Ingeborg Nordén


Today I decided to upgrade from 2011 Pro to (plain) NXT 4, hoping that I'd be able to finish a DVD project instead of crashing whenever I tried to divide a movie into chapters. NXT 4 solved the crash problem, fortunately...but I miss being able to save homemade menu themes (like the ones I'd designed for disks of a favorite TV show, with fonts and background music to match). Is being able to design themes a Pro-only feature? If it is, I'd feel terrible asking my folks to pay for another download! *sigh*

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Your OS wasn't mentioned but if Creator 2011 was running on it, I'll assume it was compatible ;)

(be nice if you did tell us)


NXT4 is a disaster as far as Make DVD's goes!


I also assume that installing NXT 4 removed Creator 2011???


What I suggest is that you grab your Creator 2011 disc and install it again. NXT 4 is too new for Creator 2011 to perceive it as a threat so it will go untouched. Then you can use it as you did before it gave you trouble - assumes your OS is compatible. (I think it is is good through Win 7 and may run on Win 10)


Let us know how this works out for you -_-

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