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Burning Bluray - Ratio Issues With Disc





I'm burning a Blu Ray disc in Toast DVD, having a few issues with the ratio on the final burned disc.


The source file is at 2:35 and Toast DVD keeps stretching it out to 16:9. I've tried encoding H264 files and MPEG4, but it keeps doing the same thing, re-encoding. Also there is a judder on a camera pans which is pretty annoying.


Do I need to upgrade to Toast Titanium 15 or is there something that I'm not doing in Toast DVD?


Thanks in advance!

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I expected Toast DVD to behave like Toast Titanium in this regard: When adding a clip with a 2.35:1 (or anything wider than 1.78:1) aspect ratio, Toast should letterbox it to 16:9, so that nothing gets stretched, preserving the whole image. There may be certain frame sizes that perhaps confuse Toast into behaving differently. What is the exact frame size of the source file, in pixels?


Judder is likely an unrelated issue, more to do with the frame rate.


I have no reason to expect a different outcome with the Titanium product, as that is advertised as different functionality besides the video-to-disc, not improved handling.

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