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Coming To Nxt 4 From Nxt 2 Due To Windows 10

scuba steve


I am hoping to stand on the shoulders of you giants, who have been using this version for awhile.


I use the Creator product to compile my underwater photos and videos into a "trip montage" set to music. In the earlier versions I would do all of the major organizing, editing, trimming videos, and labeling in Videowave and get the project to about 80 -90% complete. Then I would transfer the project to MyDVD where I would do the final touches. As I expect you all remember, you could edit the transferred file in MyDVD just like it was in Videowave, view the timeline and insert delete, trim whatever you needed to do to finalize. Additionally, you had full freedom to create a menu on your own, I would build a "movie trailer" set to a song I selected, which would play on a loop until you started the feature.


I now have Creator NXT4, since Creator NXT Pro 2 wasn't compatible with Windows 10, and I am having trouble understanding how it's designed to work? You can transfer from Videowave to MyDVD, but once transferred, I can't seem to find how you can edit anything in the transferred file. Am I missing something? As for the menus, they have a lot of nice pre-programmed backgrounds, but I don't see how I can make my "trailer" and have it be the menu background. Again, has anybody figured this out, or am I locked into their choices?


Thanks in advance,



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The current "MyDVD" has none of the features you used to use.


What happened when you tried to use NXT2 Pro with Windows 10? Some people say that NXT 3 will work with W10 but that is not confirmed. If you just bought NXT 4, you may want to return it. You may be able to get a cheap version of NXT3 to try or buy. If you buy it make sure it is a boxed unopened copy with a key (no OEM or download because they are illegal).

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To answer the first question, using NXT 2 in Windows 10 seemed OK until I tried to add music to the production, and after I fiddled with that for awhile I used score fitter (for the first time I might add) and got music. Then I couldn't get it to compile the project when I tried to create the iso file, or burn directly to the disc. So went on to the Roxio Support page and chatted there, and they told me that I would need to buy 4, because 2 wasn't compatible with Windows 10. Since I was in a hurry I bought the download of 4.


I presume you all have asked that they provide a patch to provide this functionality?

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