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Henry Grr

Dvd+R Are Okay, Bd-R Discs Have A Darker Ring In The Middle


My problem in a short way: dvd's burned with my Samsung/Tsstcorp SE-506CB are okay, BD-R discs not. They have a darker ring (see attached picture) somewhere in the middle and verifying the discs fails: Sector 3729696 is unreadable. (Without verifying the discs are written successfully...)


Computer specs:

- iMac with OS X 10.11.6

- 12gb of RAM

- Plenty of harddisc space left

- the drive is connected directly to the iMac, not through an usb-hub


During the writing:

- minimal amount of applications active

- Time Machine is not active at all

- All other usb devices are disconnected

- Tested it on all usb ports on the Mac


What's written:

- (large) mkv files

- blu ray iso files

- back-up of iPhoto/iTunes (a lot of smaller files)


How it's written:

- several speeds (from minimal to maximum)

- several brands of bd-r discs




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Hi Henry!


You did not mention the brand or size of the BD's as well as the size of your project???


Even without that info I seem to recall seeing something like that before but not on a regular basis. You say they do work OK (no dark ring) as long as you don't use verify?


As these are Data Discs, are they set to Finalize when done or left open for more writing?


I don't have Toast so I can only speak in general terms. -_-

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