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Does Toast 15 Allowing Creating Images Of A Spanning Archive?


I archive a lot of cold data to Bluray but many projects span multiple discs. My version of Toast (v.10) works well enough but won't let you stop or pause between discs which means the process can be very time consuming as it must happen in one large chunk. If I try to save a spanning archive as a disc image it just creates one HUGE image file which is unburnable and really totally useless.


Does Toast 15 address either of these shortcomings? Will it allow me to stop/pause between discs in a spanned project or save each disc in a spanned project as a separate image?

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I don't have Toast but I seriously doubt that any software will allow you to stop and come back later :huh:


Frankly, disc spanning is fraught with potential disaster! If one disc fails you may lose the content of not only that disc but the next, the one after and more... It depends on the disc structure used for spanning. In some cases I have found that one would only lose the 'spanned' file but could recover the ones in between ;)


In this day and age, I save irrecoverable data to Optical Media but 99.999% of my data goes onto external HDDs. I keep 2 for each PC and do a clone backup each month to one of those externals. By roatating that way, the worst case is that I only loose one months worth of data. For home use that is OK. Where I worked, it was backup daily but recovery proved very hit or miss...


Sorry I could not directly answer your question -_-

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