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I am using easy cd creator and trying to burn a cd. They are wave music files and the source is my PC. But when I burn a disc they are cda files. What am I doing wrong?


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You are doing nothing wrong. That is the file structure for an audio CD. Those cda files are not the actual audio files but only pointers to the location of the audio files on the CD. Look at any commercial CD and you should see a similar list of cda files


Have you tried playing the CD?

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Hello Bear,


If I can explain a little, in data discs files are stored on a CD and all the details about them (size, name, date, location stored, etc) are kept in a directory. When you look at the disc in "My Computer", your Windows Explorer lists the files and their details for you.


Audio CDs are totally different. They don't have a file system, and don't have files as we know them. They have audio tracks and other structures instead, and information about them is stored in a "Table of Contents" or TOC.


The TOC is quite different from a file directory, and Windows Explorer can't read and display it. Instead, Windows displays some icons labeled "CDA" (CD Audio) to show you how many tracks are on the CD. That's all these CDA things are - they have no other information whatever, just a count of how many audio tracks there are.


So, as long as your CD plays okay it's fine. You've done it right. You should expect Windows Explorer to just show you "cda"s.


- - - - -


Now, there are some stand-alone and car CD players, and some computer music software which can display song; album; and artist names when they play. They do this in one of two ways:

(1) They identify the CD or tunes by looking them up on the Internet if they are in the Internet database


(2) They can read any information you've stored on the disk as "CD-Text". Very few commercial CDs have CD-Text on them, but Easy CD & DVD Burning can put it onto CDs you burn, if you want. (More about that later).


I hope this helps explain things.




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