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Video Convert Interface Problems





This is a minor but annoying problem which has existed in Toast for quite a while in previous versions and still exists in the latest so that's why I am posting this here.


Basically, the Summary settings which are visible after clicking the Convert button are always wrong. I convert MTS (AVCHD) files to Apple ProRes 422 (1920 x 1080) @ 25fps but the summary always says the following:


Video: H264, 320 x 240, 29.97fps

Audio: MPEG-4 Audio, Stereo, 48000 Hz

Duration etc.


I know after doing this for a long time that the final output is correct but I always stop in my tracks when I see the wrong information.


Also, Toast does not always save the converted files to the correct location. The default, for unknown reasons is iTunes but I save to a folder where I keep all my Final Cut media and sometimes, even if I select that folder, the files end up somewhere else not even listed in the Save To: menu. The pop-up menu does not reflect the settings in Toast's preferences nor does Toast save files in the default location, iTunes - files seem to end up in the user's Movies folder. It would be very useful if Toast could actually save a default location.

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25 FPS is PAL, correct? It sounds like your Toast version is location-aware, and is trying to save it as NTSC? I've also found the problem where I specify a folder, and it doesn't go there.



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