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Question Before Purchasing



I have created a DVD with a HTML menu system that opens up various video and audio files. The issue is that I need opening that HTML menu apparent to the average user. On Windows I got an autorun.inf working, but for mac I'm not sure what the best route is to go.

My question is, can I use Toast to automatically open the folder of the disk when it is inserted? I've read that this has been possible before. I believe if I can get something like that to work, it should be intuitive enough to get the user to click on the clearly marked menu.

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Autorun isn't possible on Mac OS, and that's a good thing, from a security point of view and control point of view. Whenever I see it on other platforms, I cringe and advice them to deactivate that feature. Even content providers like Sony BMG have misused it in the past (rootkit on music CDs in 2005, infecting Windows computers, which could then be exploited by others as well.).


On Mac OS, you can have optical discs open with a certain folder displaying, in the view setting of your choice (but an advanced user can set different global preferences).

The way to do this lies in making a “temporary partition” (disc image) with the wanted exact settings, then “locking” that state before burning. You'd have to google the exact steps (maybe elsewhere on this board), because I remember it being quite tricky to have the disc behave as intended.

In icon view, folder windows can have a background image, which may have additional information, like a text saying ‘double-click to start’ or other instructions. Again, a bit tricky with hidden folders containing the actual picture file.

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