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Verification Fails On 80Gb M-Disc Burn



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I stopped using the built-in verification years ago as it would fail for good discs sometimes. I have never seen it alert me on a significant discrepancy with good quality discs.

Could it be that small changes are detected that are not significant, e.g. the normally invisible files that are related to the volume and/or Finder window display could get updated during the burning process, and those files may perhaps only differ in modification date: enough to detect a difference, but the produced disc is essentially the same as the source. I would think the burning app (Toast) should take care of that behind the scenes, but that's hard to verify for an end user, if it doesn't produce a list of exactly what is different.

If the disc is readable, perhaps you can verify manually with checksums? That would check just the data files that you care about.

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