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Roxio Hd Pro Keeps Crashing When I Log In To Twitch.



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I'm having this problem as well. just crashed (but I'm used to that after using videowave and roxio extensively) Crashes every time I try and log in. Username and password is 100% correct so not really sure what the issue is. Have even made sure it's on "monitor one" of my display as you can't record on monitor two (still)


Have gone through reinstalls, updates etc but nothing seems to work.

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There is currently no resolution for this I can tell you.

You can contact technical support but do not expect a lot from them cuz they have no idea as well. All they can do is gather your files and file a report or sumthing to be submitted to "Developers" (who are hopefully even checking or working for this). Perhaps Twitch had some updates that Roxio was not aware of. Maybe changes on servers I'm not sure. I would be looking for a free third party software in the meantime if you are looking to live stream and pray for Roxio to have a fix for this.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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