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Making A Cd Copy Of Photo Show



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Captain. If you recently got a message to update PhotoShow, don;t. It screwed my version up, said I needed to activate, that I had activated it too many times and link to a dead web site who owned PhotoShow many years ago.


When did you burn the PhotoShows to a cd (DVD). That hasn't worked for many people for several years --- Oh, are you using the MAC version?

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Edit- Correction


My problems came because I had uninstalled and installed the program several times in answering questions on this forum.


I got my account reset and now I can run the program. When does your problem occur exactly. In the selection to burn the disc or sometime after that?


In the past, too high a resolution of the pictures (images) have caused black squares. Since you are making a CD(?) - are you sure it is not a DVD- then the high resolution is of no value


What happens if you select to create a video file? When you play it back do you get black or blank spots? If so I would still guess image resolution. If not, you can author a disc wit that PhotoShow.


Whyy are you using DVD RAM discs? Read this

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