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"please Insert Blank Disc" Always Shown When Trying To Burn Disc

Joanne W


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The project is small (only 10 mins of music). I have tried good quality discs 700MB, CD-R, 52x speed, 80mins.

I never had this problem with the trial version of Roxio.

Please help!!


Interesting, as there never has been a 'trial version' of Roxio???


But at this point you are using NXT 4, right?


As Redwagon suggests the Project size is one reason for this message. Another one that I have seen is that the disc inserted is not the right disc for the Project :huh:


Trying to use a DVD blank for an Audio CD project or a CD for a DVD project...


Another case is using a disc with something on it. It may not be a lot, just a few bytes written but enough for the drive/software to know it isn't blank. Trying another disc or two will confirm that.


I believe that trying to burn a blank disc in a drive that is not a burner (-ROM drive) will invoke this message. I don't have any ROM drives to test that with -_-

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After trying Jim's suggestions proceed to the below suggestions.




The post below user jolafson actually sent me his drive, I installed it in my PC and had no problem with the drive not recognizing a disc in a Roxio program.


What does that mean? Different PC's with different software installed and the environment makes things sometime interfere with certain software other folks have no problem with.

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