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I started using ROXIO CREATOR from basic and I went up to Roxio Creator 2012 Pro. Trying to upgrade to the next version Roxio Creator NXT PRO 2, I had some problems and I returned it back. The problems were that I was not able to import (scan) any photos into the system since I could not find any option to scan (?). and I did not have the option of printing POSTERS. Till today I am using the above 2012 Pro.

I bought a new PC with Windows 10 and I am not able to Print any photos. I had technical people looking at the problem and none of them was able to see what the problem was. Everyone told me that it is probably the Program (ROXIO). Someone knows that there is any compatibility problem between windows 10 and my version (2012 Pro) ?

My question is if I have no alternative, what Version to buy and if that version has the option to Import (Scan) photos into the system.





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Which problem are you trying to address here? If it is failure to print photos with Creator 2012 in Windows 10, how are you trying to print the photos with Creator? Which Roxio application and methods are you using, and what error(s) are you getting?


I have a machine with Creator 2012 running under Windows 10, and if you can give me enough of a description of your processes then I can try the same thing on mine.




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