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No Direct Printing Capabilites With Toast For Mac.



If you were wondering if Toast 15 for Mac has any direct print to DVD, CD or Blu-Ray capabilities, here's your answer and it won't take 20 minutes to find out:


Chat started on 27 Oct 2016, 04:08 PM (GMT+0)
(04:08:40) *** Visitor 58159218 joined the chat ***
(04:08:41) Peter Leahey: I bought Toast 15 Pro, is there a program that I can use to print directly on to a DVD using my Epson artisan printer?
(04:08:42) Corel Customer Support: This chat will be recorded for quality purposes. Terms of Use http://www.corel.com/en-ca/terms-of-use/| Privacy Policy http://www.corel.com/en-ca/corel-privacy-policy/
(04:09:02) *** Jenniffer P. joined the chat ***
(04:09:05) Jenniffer P.: Welcome to Corel! My name is Jenniffer.
(04:09:07) Jenniffer P.: Hello Peter
(04:09:53) Jenniffer P.: You mean the DVD cover?
(04:09:53) Peter Leahey: Also I am using a Mac Pro, OS 10.11.6
(04:10:04) Peter Leahey: No direct to DVD
(04:10:48) Jenniffer P.: This method you are referring to is like LightScribe, correct?
(04:11:50) Peter Leahey: No, I buy printable DVD's, and I used to use Epson PrintCD but that no longer loads.
(04:15:06) Peter Leahey: Direct printing onto white printable DVD's using an Epson Artisan 725.
(04:15:38) Peter Leahey: I think Easy Media Creator had that feature.
(04:15:53) Jenniffer P.: I suggest NXT 5 or NXT Pro 5
(04:17:30) Peter Leahey: Ok, so nothing in the Toast applications will do this.
(04:18:18) Jenniffer P.: Toast, none.
(04:18:49) Peter Leahey: Are Roxio and Corel the same company?
(04:20:12) Jenniffer P.: Yes
(04:21:22) Peter Leahey: NXT 5 has many of the same functions as Toast, so I would have to buy NXT just for the label creator?
(04:23:16) Jenniffer P.: Yes.
(04:23:48) Jenniffer P.: And NXT 5 cam be installed on a Windows operating system .
(04:24:11) Peter Leahey: So no Mac version.
(04:25:51) Jenniffer P.: None. Toast 15 is for Mac. But it has no print directly to DVD feature
(04:26:34) Peter Leahey: Okay, that's the answer then, that all thank you.
(04:27:06) Jenniffer P.: You are welcome
(04:27:08) Jenniffer P.: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
(04:27:46) Jenniffer P.: If you have no further questions, please close this chat session. - Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Service. Feel free to rate this chat and provide your comments. Bye for now and have a great day.
(04:27:57) *** Peter Leahey has commented: Absurd. No ability to print label directly to DVD, CD or Blu Ray for a Mac! ***
(04:27:59) *** Peter Leahey left the chat ***

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Not sure why you are blaming Roxio for the non-functionality of Epson software with an Epson printer.

By the way, Epson Support [> select printer] [>select Utilities] lists Epson Print CD v2.41 as latest (10/11/16) software for OS X 10.11.x and even macOS 10.12.x.

Even the Epson Print CD v2.00 software loads fine on my machine (10.11.6), although I haven't printed with it for a while.

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I haven't seen any version of Creator (NXT) that will print on Printable Media...


They will do labels (not a good solution for DVD/BD) and LightScribe but not printable media!


I use my Epson software for that and never look back. While I use a PC, I don't want anyone to go out and buy software that will not deliver what a mistaken tech claims it will -_-

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I never upgraded to version 15 (Didn't see a compelling reason to), but in version 14 I received a lot of apps with Toast - one of those being Disc Label. I use Disc label to print directly to DVDs and Blu-Rays on my Epson Artisan 835 printer. The Artisan 835 has a disc tray that allows for direct printing onto inkjet-ready media.



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