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Make Dvd Autorun?



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I was referring to this link from another discussion on the same topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE-8aMNfdfY.


The last step in the instructions was, "12. Once you are satisfied, click on OK to start burning." I agree, we can revisit that afterwards. For now, I clicked the "Finalize Disc" button and I the dvd still works but not via autoplay.


Do you have a step-by-step document I can use?

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Yes, your last image (post #17) is looking good. I think you're set to go as far as the Creator software is concerned. :)


Your secondary PC may well have Autoplay turned off. Depends on your Operating System how to turn it back on if you want to.

A while ago there was some very nasty malware going around which would write itself to any portable drive you wrote to, and would then infect any machine it autoplayed on.

As a result Autoplay=off was made the recommended default setting to protect against that particular malware. [being paranoid, I still keep mine off]




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Progress!! Thank you!!


Although the dvd autoplays on the primary pc (the one used to create it), I can't get it to autoplay on a secondary computer. When it autoplays on the primary pc it launches Corel WinDVD, which is not installed on the secondary pc.


The file size is 302MB and the length is six minutes and three seconds.


I am missing another setting that will allow it to play on any pc or a standalone dvd player?


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I've been off testing out the instructions in that YouTube video, and they work for me.



I think I can see what you've done (or not done). Please compare your output disc to mine








Yours has been saved as a DATA disc with the name MY_DATA. . . whereas mine has been saved by the program as a DVD-video with the name My Movies. The name isn't crucial, it's just an indicator of the disc type that Video Copy and Convert thinks it's writing. The crucial item is that your disc has been written as a data disc and doesn't work properly, and mine has been written as a Video-DVD disc and does work.


If I Open my disc in Windows file explorer I see a Video_TS folder. I think if you open yours, you'll see a video file of some sort, WMV or MP4 perhaps.


I think you may have missed or miss-handled step 5 in that instructional video, selecting DVD as your output. Would you please try the process again, being very careful around that step?


Thanks very much,


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Hello mjmanuel,


I don't know what "instructions in the video clip" you were following.

We'll have to go into that afterwards, because those instructions have left your DVD "Open" when it should have been closed.


In the meantime, please go to the Tools button at the top of Creator and use the Finalize Disc button



Follow the prompts, and your disc should then be finalized, and should then behave properly.

Would you please come back and let us know how it went, and we can work out what went wrong.




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I am trying to autoplay the dvd on a pc and a standalone dvd player, but I will be happy to get it to work on either one. But if it works on one shouldn't it work on both?


Also, I couldn't paste the screenshot into this reply so I attached it in .jpg format.


Thank you.






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You haven't told us if you're trying to autoplay this DVD on your computer, or on a set-top DVD player. Please tell us.


Also, please run Creator and go to the top toolbar, Tools >Get Disc Information.

If possible, give us a screenshot of the result. It should look like this, and give us the information we need.





Thank you,


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