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Nz Earthquake

Willard M

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Does anyone know how Brendon is


Have to wait and see 'Last Active Offline Today, 06:33 AM'.


What I read "The quake struck around 50 kilometers (around 30 miles) northeast of the city of Christchurch just after midnight local time on Monday."





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Hi folks,


I'm here. Lots of damage around the country, but only 2 deaths so far. The epicenter was out in the country rather than under our city this time.

Some powerful shakes, much bigger than the 2010/2011 lot.










edit: Magnitude revised to Richter 7.82, 8 megatons.

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Luckily the tsunami wasn't too big, so relatively little damage from that.


Land damage was quite heavy. Many land slips, and some of the seabed on the east coast is now six feet above the water. Lots of bridges, highways, power and water infrastructure damaged. Some communities cut off.


This is not much fun! :(

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Hello again,


We now have the US Destroyer USS Sampson, the Canadian Frigate HMCS Vancouver, and the Australian Frigate HMAS Darwin on station at Kaikoura together with our own supply ship HMNZS Canterbury. These ships were visiting New Zealand for the 75th birthday of our Navy, and have diverted to the quake zone to assist.


The visitors have 4 helicopters between them, and New Zealand has some NH90s on scene. There's quite a large area cut off by badly damaged roads. The Kaikoura district has about 3600 residents and 1000 tourists at the time of the quake. The quakes have cut all communications in there, taking out roads, rail, power, cables, and cell towers. There is no airport, and the harbor only handles fishing boats.


So far about 400 people (tourists and locals) have been helicoptered to Christchurch, and another 400 or so made the 6-hour journey in the hold of the Canterbury. The navies have also provided water and food, and have work parties helping with the cleanup and restoration of essential services.


No further human deaths have been reported, although many cattle and sheep have been lost and the seal colony at Kaikoura has been virtually wiped out by rock falls. Large areas of the sea bed have been thrust up to 5 feet out of the water, and the local abalone industry will take years to recover. The highway system will take years, too. The coast road/rail was the main artery for freight from the North Island.


We thank our overseas friends for their help when everything turned to custard for us, again.




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