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Burning Mp3 Files



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IF all you are trying to do is to make a backup copy of these files on a DVD it is pretty easy.


However if you are trying to make a Music DVD then you are out of luck since that was not included in that version of software :(


For Archive - Data / Copy tab - Burn Data Disc.


Insert a DVD in your Burner (so it knows what you are doing and how much space it has to work with.

Drag and Drop your MP4s into the pane that is labeled "Drag Files Here" (personal preference is to Copy from File Explorer and right click Paste in the project pane ;))

When done, Check Options (upper right) and make sure your DVD is set to 'Write-Once DVD Compatibility! (middle of that window)


Any questions or problems, this is the place to ask ;)

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I have Roxio easy CD&DVD Burning software.

I have mp4 files on a external hard drive that I want to burn to a DVD.

Been trying to figure it out. Can someone give me step by step instructions?

Copied them to hard drive on computer but it want let me drag and drop



I'm not sure of your question since you have MP3 in your message header, but MP4 in the message body. MP3s are audio files, while MP4s are video.

Which files are you trying to use?


If it's MP3

-if they are MP3 files, you are probably after music or audio discs. Go to the Music/Audio menu and select one of the three items I've marked




The top entry, Burn Audio CDs, makes standard audio CDs.

The middle entry burns CDs with a playlist and an array of MP3 files for use in MP3 players

The bottom entry, Create Music Disc Projects, will let you create standard audio CDs or music DVDs. (Music DVDs show a still picture while music plays on the soundtrack)


if it's MP4

-here you would normally go to the Video/Movies menu, Create DVDs, and drag your MP4 video files into the project to make a Video-DVD.

However for some unexplained reason Easy CD & DVD Burning has had its ability to use MP4 files removed, so if you need to use MP4 files you will need to buy other software or a full version of Creator.


If you're only archiving your files, do it as Jim suggested.




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