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Mp3 Additions In Area Where Cd Selections Should Be...



I have often added cd selections by the IMPORT CD/DVD area, it brings up a box in lower left, you click on COMPUTER, then DVD RW DRIVE, and it brings up numbered selections of whatever cd is in, then I can yank songs from that... I have been doing that for years. However, recently, I added some MP3 downloaded songs, that for whatever reason, are now appearing in that area when I follow all of the same clicks... so I am not getting cd selections or access to them. I can't find a way to delete the MP3 downloaded stuff that now resides in that area, clicking on it and hitting delete doesn't work...

Corel is telling me to uninstall and reinstall Roxio...which I think is a bit risky, and have a concern I will lose valuable files in the system...

Any ideas?

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I suspect that you're using Roxio Music Disc Creator, and for some reason your Media Selector box is stuck displaying some MP3 files that you last selected. Can you confirm that is what is happening, please?



Would you please take a screenshot of the Media Selector box with the stuck MP3s, and attach it to a reply here?


(Once you've made the screenshot file, start a reply message and then click the 'More Reply Options' button.

In the bottom left 'Attach Files' section, either browse to where your screenshot is stored, or drag and drop the file onto the 'Browse' button and then click 'Attach This File'

On the right side of the screen, click the 'Add to Post' button to put your screenshot into the message, and finally click the orange 'Add Reply' button)



Thanks very much,


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