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16:9 Photos Still Stretch In Toast 15 Slideshow!

Mary FT


I have assiduously prepped hi rez photos for inclusion in a 16:9 template. the menu items are two videos, which look great, and a slideshow, which is driving me nuts. I think it has to do with Toast, because if I stick the photos (16:9, 1920x1080) on a thumb drive, directly into my LED TV, they look perfect, and fill the screen. But in the Toast slideshow, they have black bars above and below, and appear stretched.


I am at the limit of my research. I think the photos are correctly prepared, but see no way to tinker with the slideshow.


I should say, I am burning a DVD for playing on DVD players with TVs. I think I have chosen the right format and all, since the videos look perfect.


Why would Toast squash/stretch my slides, though?


One photo attached, shown from thumb drive, and Toast stretched version.



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Does this stretching also occur with DVD playback on your Mac? E.g. with Apple DVD Player or VLC?

If not, then that would suggest a setting in the set top player. If it does, then the cause may lie in a pre-burning stage.

Weird, because the way it is stretched, suggests that it is handled as if 16:9 content is viewed on a 4:3 device, as such would justify letterbox bars. (Is your DVD player aware that it is connected to a 16:9 tv? There should be some setting on that somewhere.)

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Hi Digital master, and thanks for your reply. I have discovered the answer, but first, to your comments:


The HD 16:9 video showed up perfectly, so it wasn't a DVD player issue. Also, if I put the 16:9 photos on a thumb drive and stuck it into the TV, they showed up perfectly. Turns out that Toast does not expect you to give it photos with that aspect ratio. It expects 4:3, and makes it work, whatever the screen. It did not handle the wide aspect well at all.


What I did: Made a slideshow with all the photos in Mac Photos program, burned it to disk, and voila, Toast did not care what aspect ratio the photos were originally, both versions, 4:3 and 16:9 looked great. I suspect I could have made a Toast slideshow with 4:3 photos a la carte, but was tired of the project, so went with the slideshow.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Hope some poor soul who gets her head in a knot about this will find this solution helpful...

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