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Edited Audio Wont Line Up In Final Production

Canine Party


I have tried re editing, and a few different approaches, and I am sure the solution is a lot easier than I am thinking.


What is happening is, I post the whole video and add my external microphone audio, that I take with a voice recorder program, and add it to the music track.


At this time I have added it to the internal tracks on the video then I split and delete the scenes I do not need. When I play the video before "export as", everything is lined up perfectly, but for some reason it is all out or sync when it is rendered in the end.


Not just out of sync, but it is using audio that I had cut out during editing! it is very frustrating, because my first video came out perfect and I was able to render and cut and post it with no issues. But, now for some reason nothing has worked.


I should mention that the first time, I used .Wav file, this time it is an MP3 file.


I am new to the video editing scene, but the first time was so easy. I was mainly trying to save space on my hard drive, since converting my voice recording to a Wav file takes almost a gig of Hard drive space!


Is there a setting that I am missing this time? is this a common issue?


any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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That won't happen if you add it to the internal tracks of the Video (first). The one where you think you did, I think you got it on an external track...


However... to be sure it gets where we want it before we edit, do this.


1. Place the audio on any track. Make sure you have it in sync. Then do the Export As to a new file.


2. When finished, use the New File to do all the editing with.

If that still gives you issues, Go back to Step 1. and throw some splits into the project, 3 to 4 per hour before you Export.


Give that a try and let us know -_-

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