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Apologies If This Has Been Covered Before



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On page 115-116 of the Help document, this is discussed:


Editing Video

When converting video files or publishing to an online sharing site, you can use Toast to crop, trim, or preview and apply audio effects before completing your project.
To adjust start and end points:
1 Click Edit in the Content area beside the video clip you would like to edit.
2 To adjust the start and end points of your video, drag the Start and End markers located at the far left and right, just below the timeline.
3 As you drag each marker, the preview window will display the point of the video where your marker is currently placed.
4 You can also make fine adjustments by entering a time or using the arrows beside the Start and End fields in the window.
5 You can click Reset under the Start field to reset the Start marker, or Reset under the End field to reset the End marker
6 Click OK to accept your edits, or continue to the steps below to remove sections from the middle of your video.
To remove sections of video:
1 To crop or remove video from the middle of your clip, move the playhead arrow at the top of the timeline to the point in the video you would like to remove.
2 Click the Insert Marker button immediately to the right of the Play button.
3 You will see two arrows appear below the timeline, immediately below the playhead position.
4 Drag the left and right arrow that were inserted below the timeline, so that the area of video you wish to be removed is located between them. The area between the arrows that is being removed will appear orange until you move the playhead to a new location.
5 You can move the playhead to a new location and insert additional markers for every area of the video you would like to remove.
6 To undo removing a section of video, click on that area in the timeline and press the Delete button on your keyboard.
7 When you are finished editing, click OK.
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