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How Do I Remove "chapter Image" From Blu-Ray Bd-Rw Playback?





I am using Toast Titanium 11 on Mavericks. When I burn to a Blu-Ray BD-RW disc, everything seems to be fine. However, when I play on my Sony Blu-Ray player, the "chapter image" remains at the upper-left of the screen. It never goes away, even though the movie is playing.


I'm not sure if this is the result of a setting in TT. I've looked, but I don't see an applicable setting.


I have not found a way to make it disappear via my Blu-Ray player's remote control, either.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,





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By "chapter image," I mean the automatically-generated thumbnail (or screen capture) that represents each "chapter."

. . . something like picture-in-picture?

Yes, exactly! When I play the movie from the beginning, the "Chapter 1" image appears and remains at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. It takes up about 15% of my 65" screen. When I skip to any other chapter, the chapter image changes accordingly.



PS: I could not figure out how to upload an image here. It asks for "URL" instead of allowing me to upload from my hard drive.

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My player is a different brand, so it could be a setting to a player feature that I'm not familiar with. Perhaps its behavior can be changed, like dissolve in seconds?

If you would disclose the model, then perhaps me and other readers can search a bit. Lots of manuals and user experiences online. Sometimes more eyes find more info.


If I need to post images to forums, I may use Postimage or imgur, both of which allow image hosting without registering. Then use their URL (direct link) here.

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