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Nxt 5 Videowave Problems



I am running Win 10 Home version on an HP Envy quad core i7 with NVDIA GeoForce 940M with 2Gb and have purchased NXT Pro 5. The software installs but Videowave crashes whenever I try to Save As or Open a Production. Corel support have suggested several things to try to fix but nothing to date has worked. I have now been asked to try it on another computer to see if the same error occurs.

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Steps taken to date:

· Perform a clean boot and retry to run Roxio Suite (this made no difference)

· Corel support suggested I do the following:

1. Go to " C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Local\";
2. Locate any or all of thes e folders:
- "Rovi_Corporation”;
- “Corel_Corporation”;
- “Roxio”;
- “Roxio Log Files”;
- “Sonic”;
- “Simple Star”;

3. Rename these folders by adding a “.old” at the end of their names. For instance, "Rovi_Corporation" to "Rovi_Corporation.old";
4. Go to "C:\Users\*_yourusername_*\AppData\Roaming\" and check to see if you find the same folders above, and rename them the same way;
5. Go to “C:\Program Files\Common Files” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files” and look for the following folders; rename them the same way:
- PX Storage Engine;
- Roxio Shared;
- Sonic Shared.

6. Go to "C:\Program Data\" and delete the following folders:
- Roxio
- Sonic
- FLEXnet

7. Reboot your computer and reinstall Creator NXT 5.

· I did all of this but it made no difference

· Corel Support also suggested this workaround inside NXT 5 Advanced Video Editing:

-Menu Bar > Click Tools; Untick Roxio AVC SmartEncode.
-Menu Bar > Click Options; Render using: Software instead of Hardware.
-Menu Bar > Untick or Disable the "Enable intel Enhanced for core".
-Menu Bar > Click Options; Clear Proxy Files.

I tried all of this but still the error persists.

· Corel Support suggested I update my Direct X but there is no separate download available on the Microsoft. My laptop is running Direct X 12 (included as part of Windows 10) and Windows update reports I have the my version is up to date

· Corel Support suggested my graphics drivers may be out of date. I have checked this and installed the latest drivers from NVDIA and the Intel Graphics adapter driver, but still the error occurs. I have also done a Windows update check so I have all the latest updates installed.

I have now tried the Roxio installation on a friends computer which has an AMD processor (mine is an i7) running Windows 10 and it works without crashing. So I came home and went through the process of uninstalling the Roxio NXT Pro 5 software and deleted out all the directories. Uninstalled the third party Anti-Virus software (Corel had previously suggested that it might be the AV or firewall causing the problem). I turned Windows Defender and Windows Firewall off and then reinstalled the Roxio software again from the DVD but still the error persists. Every time I try to “Save”, “Save As”, “Open Production” (i.e. try to access the hard drive) it crashes with the error that “Windows has stopped working”, Close program, and says it will try to find a solution but it comes up with no answers or suggestions.

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Thanks for the details!

There are separate versions of DirectX and they ARE NOT cumulative :huh: That means '12' does not have the same things that '10' had in it...

Go HERE (be sure to un-check the extras they want to bundle with it) then reboot. You may have to run a Repair for NXT 5 after you reboot. An alternate to that is on your NXT 5 disc. There is an DIRECTX_FEB10 folder and a dxsetup.exe in that folder.


Give that a try ;)

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Update and problem solution:

Following a remote session with Corel Support on to my PC, the issue was finally identified as a conflict caused by Autodesk A360 virtual drive (installed with AutoCAD). Uninstalling "A360 drive" solved the issue immediately.

This now closes this topic.

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Hi there, Thanks for the information. I have run the DIRECTX_FEB10 setup file on the Roxio disc which appeared to load a lot of files. I then rebooted but I still got the error. I have tried to run the Roxio setup to attempt a reinstall/repair but it now comes up to say the key has been used too many times and will not allow me to run the disc again. I have logged this with Corel Support but I have not yet had an answer how I get round this problem.


With regard to the original crash error I have looked in the system error logs and it gives this information:


Faulting application name: VideoWave15.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57c1a201

Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.14393.479, time stamp: 0x58256d37

Exception code: 0xc000041d

Fault offset: 0x000da832

Faulting process ID: 0x20f8

Faulting application start time: 0x01d263a4e78b7643

Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 5\VideoUI\VideoWave15.exe

Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll

Report ID: 6caec66b-5422-474a-b411-89e3e689556e

Faulting package full name:

Faulting package-relative application ID:

Although I know a little bit about computers I am not a techno wizard so do not know what all this means or if it helps identify the problem.

Thanks for your help to date and hope we can resolve the problem.

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Thank you for the update. I did not know there was a limit to the number of times you could reinstall on your own system but I was not sure if the new message was because I loaded it up on my friends computer to try (as suggested by Corel).


As requested previously, the following is the system and diagnostic information from dxdiag (there is a lot more but it's too large to paste into here) :


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Why didn't you follow the instructions for posting the TEXT file as instructed by the link provided:



" When you are making your reply to a user asking for that information, click on the "More Reply Options" at the bottom of the reply box. Type in the information you want to post with the dxdiag file. Select "Choose File" navigate to the file and click on it, the file name will appear next to the "Choose File" box. Click on the "Attach This File" just below "Choose File". The file will be uploaded to the site and will appear in your post when you complete your post. Note that you can add additional files such as a screen grab using the "Choose file" process.

DO NOT upload the contents for the dxdiag file; just the file itself."

Me only - It doesn't give me (at least) confidence that you can follow the instructions for fixing your problem. Sorry but it had to be said.

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Just another update to keep you in touch:

Corel Support suggested I create a new user account and retry Roxio.

I created 2 users - one a local user with no Microsoft account and another with a Microsoft account, Neither of these made any difference and the original crashing error continues.


I was able to re-run the Roxio setup.exe using the new Microsoft user account, so I do not know if the number of installation/retries is per user or per system?

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Don't know about the Install Count but you did not mention if any of these 'users' had Administrator Privileges???


I assume they did as a Standard or General User cannot install any programs without Administrator permissions.


This might be the time to throw in the towel? I would ask about a refund at this point and move on. Perhaps they would exchange this for their Video Studio?

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Yes, I gave both users Administrator privileges.


Corel Support's latest offering is to suggest I should get my machine checked out with a 'local technician' for errors, but that sounds an expensive option. No other program gives me any issues and I can also create a video using the Edit Videos Simply option in Roxio but this is a stripped down version using FastFlick not Videowave.


Someone else suggested trying Windows Reset to reload windows but that sounds a bit drastic and presumably means loading all other software back too.


I can try Corel on the refund/exchange option. Is Video Studio comparable/equivalent to Roxio?


Thanks for your help and if you have any more thoughts please let me know.

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I have suggest at the end of ideas, to do a clean Windows install on another HDD that is floating around... But these days I have run into activation issues, although a quick test just to see if the offending program will install isn't a problem.


On the other hand if you could get a refund or exchange, you would be better off ;)

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Thanks again for your advice, will have to see if I can locate a spare HDD.

I was just looking at the logfiles created from today's install/repair and noticed a few things - it says the system is Windows 8 but my machine has only ever had Windows 10 (pre-installed when I bought it new). Also there are quite a number of entries with "error:2" after them (not sure what that actually means).

Are any of these significant/help to identify the error problem? (NXT PRO5 logfile attached as a txt file)


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