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How To Change Names On Audio Tracks



Ripping a CD on Windows 10 with Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning, the audio tracks are written in Japanese. I must have chosen the wrong one when asked. How do I change it without manually editing it? Every time I reload the CD, it stays the same.



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Hello MMFD,


The information you download from Gracenote when you insert a CD and have it 'recognized' is stored in an encrypted database file on your computer. Since it's now in that database, the CD doesn't get freshly identified in subsequent runs.


The trick is to locate the database file and delete it. Next time you run the Roxio software your CD is scanned afresh, you get a fresh chance to select it, and the database file is rebuilt.


The database file is called cddb.db. In Windows 10 go to C:\Users\%owner%\Appdata\Local\Temp (where %Owner% is your login name on your computer) and you should see a Cddb folder. You might need to have Windows set to show hidden and system files. Come back to me if you can't find the folder and need help with settings.

Delete that folder, it will be rebuilt next time.

Now run your ripper, and you should be able to start afresh.




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