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Mydvd Out Of Memory Error - Burnerstate_Encodingtitle Failure


Created a DVD, removed the menu item containing the video, then created a new menu item, dragged a 350MB video into it, and got this error. I tried to insert the PNG, it allowed me to, then complained when I tried to post it, it said that operation was not supported (see attached wordpad rtf file). Looks like an object that never got deleted.


This bug is in addition to all of those annoying, nagging SPAM messages every time I use the program. What were you folks thinking - did you purposely want to annoy paying customers with those ads?




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We are NOT Roxio/Corel. We are users with experience in using the program.


Did you reboot your computer after trying the video menu?


Please add as an attachment your dxdiag.exe file.


Look at your Windows event logs to see if there are any hints there. Post the error that relates to the burner.


Do you have and OEM piece of software - something that came with the burner or other piece of hardware? OEM are modified and castrated to the OEM provider's spec. As such, you need to contact them.

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The MyDVD of NXT 5 is extreamly limited, and nothing like what it used to be -_-


I seldom use any Menus so I am not affected by this. But I sympathize with those that do use them.


Still, to make sure it isn't a program problem, please provide what Steve asked for.


In addition, like more details on your Project.


Also, what spam messages are you seeing? Under Tools - Preferences, do you have "Display relevant product information and offers from Roxio" turned on or off?

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