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Hd Dvd Burn Results In Jerky Playback



I just finished an HD DVD disk created in Toast 15. I selected HD DVD (Blu Ray) from the preset dialog box.


The source file is a .mkv file, 1920x1080, 29.97 frame rate, MPEG codec.


The DVD starts and looks great, quality-wise, and the audio is great, also. But I can detect a jerkiness in the playback, like it's skipping or stuttering.


What happened? Was it something in the conversion process?


Or is the DVD player (Sony Blu Ray) incapable of playing back this disk smoothly?


Can anyone offer any suggestions or input?



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I am having the same problem, I'm trying to put 4 videos on a DVD, also HD .mkv files. I have reduced to 3 on disk then 2 thinking it was a compression issue. However, changing the number of files on the disk, and keeping the quality at 'best' didn't make any difference. I have also tried putting them on virtual disks (.dmg) with no difference either. This eliminates both the media and the hardware player. I am currently running down a lead that exporting the files from Quicktime player to .mov might have an impact. But now the re-encode by Toast is taking forever (about 50x SLOWER) than from .mp4 files.

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