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Software Won't Install; No Signal To Monitor; No Hdmi Light On Gcprohd


I purchased the Roxio GAMECAP HDPRO for my son for Christmas and I'm unable to install the software and get any signal to his xbox one monitor.


I currently have a support ticket open with level 2 support but have yet received any emails with a resolution.


Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


-Chris H.

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REMOVE the HD Pro device and just to be safe, put it in another room!


Start to install the Software and choose Repair when it is offered.


Reboot and try it.


Xbox One has to be set to turn off HDCP for Recording... if you don't you will get a 'Protected' message in your preview screen.


You mentioned that the Pass Through isn't working either. That indicates that it is not getting a valid signal From the Xbox One. You can test this by connecting the INput of the HD Pro to something else, like a BD or DVD Player and see what it does ;)

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