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Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Doesn't Record


When I press play on my VCR and then press record on the Easy VHS to DVD software, the video feed starts as it should. However, the recorder only captures 0:00 (basically only one frame) and then stops. I tried adjusting the recording time, reinstalling, and nothing is working. I'm using an Alienware desktop computer with the device plugged in via the USBs on the back of the machine. Thanks.

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If you are getting the preview then you are almost there :lol:


Look under File - Preferences to make sure it is recording to a Folder that you have permissions to use.


Next is to make sure you are getting a strong solid signal and that your Tape is not the cause. Put in a commercial tape or one you know is of good quality.


You can also check by using a DVD or BD player that has Composite or S-Video OUT.


Let us know what you find ;)

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