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Easy Cd And Dvd Burning V10.3.105



Not sure if I am in the right place to post this, but can't find any topics covering my product. I am running Roxio Easy CD and DVD Burning v10. Roxio Error.pdf I am missing the RCPCORE.msi. This started recently. I have searched both Dell and Roxio sites and cannot find a download anywhere. It is extremely annoying to have to ignore this problem 6x each time I start the product. I don't know what happened to make it disappear. I contacted Roxio Support back in september and they gave me a hotfix for my registry. I applied the fix, but still get the error. HELP!

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Hello Bob,


We're in the right forum now. Perhaps you didn't look far enough down the list? :)


With that error you've shown, it seems that either part of your registry has broken or else part of the program has been corrupted on your hard drive. The software is trying to repair itself looking for the installer files, but of course they were only present on the hard drive during installation and were deleted long ago after the installation was completed.

Either way, you need to reinstall the software.


You have the DELL Edition of Easy CD & DVD Burning, which is version 10.3.105 (DED). The retail version was 10.3.104 and that's the one I have so I don't think pieces from my installer would help you.


I am guessing that Dell saved a few cents and didn't give you an installer CD, but you might be able to find a download on the Dell site. It won't be available from Roxio because once it's sold to Dell, Roxio has no distribution rights. Alas, you're in Dell's hands but a search on their site is worth trying.


Good fortune, and I hope 2017 goes well for you.



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