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Pangolin Gumbo

Memory Issues When Burning Bd...




I have some HD footage that I wish to record to a blank BD disc (approx 23gb of material) but on attempting either to burn the stuff to disk directly or make a disk image first, the process is quickly interrupted by a system message: "Could not record the disc because there was not enough memory." and "Result Code = -108". I currently use a 21.5in (Late 2013) iMac with 8gb total RAM. Having just performed a very similar exercise with some other HD footage of mine without a hiccup I'm left wondering why this has cropped up now? Or how to remedy it?
Here's a screenshot of Toast with the material assembled.



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You'd think that 60 GB free disk space and 8 MB total RAM would be enough. But perhaps some things happened between the last startup and now, which may have made the available memory less usable.

  • If Time Machine is running, turn it off temporarily during other important processes - Bengt Wärleby suggests it to set Heap Zone right
  • Turn off Mac totally and restart - Frees up RAM
  • Secure enough free space on Startup hard disk - so that applications and macOS can store its temp files, including virtual memory.

(With a nod to Bengt Wärleby at discussions.apple.com)

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I have the same issue. I have i mac with 32 gig ram running mavericks. Dont ask, can't upgrade because I still use FCP 7. Anyway, when encoding and burning 2 hour bluray disc, error message, not enough memory. everything freezes. Nothing else opened. Come on, 32 gigs memory. This is a horrible leak. any suggestions. I have a client that needs this bluray!!!

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