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Saving A Collage Using Creator 5



When I move a collage into Photo Suite for finishing I cannot save the picture when I am done. But, if I just stay in Creator 5 and save, the picture saves. All other functions of Creator 5 seem to work fine.


I had the same problem when my Windows 7 computer was upgraded to Windows 10. Although at that time I was using NXT and thought it was just not compatible with Windows 10.


I have since purchased a new computer, purchased the new Creator NXT 5 and still have the same problem.


Any ideas or solutions?


Rexal at email

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Sorry that no one got back to you on this sooner :huh:


I tried it 2 different way, going from Create Projects and Saving my Collage there and opening it in PhotoSuite. As well as going from Create Projects directly into Edit in Photosuite.


In both cases I could Save or Save As from Photosuite.


I think a Repair is the first step.


Turn off your Anti Virus & Firewall.

Run the NXT 5 Setup.

Choose Repair when offered.

Turn on firewall and AV and reboot.

Try that and let us know ;)

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