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Made An Imovie,exported It To My Files And Itunes I Burned It On My Toast And It Only Plays Mac Not Dvd Player. It Was Mpeg4 To Quicktime



I've been struggling and googling for weeks to get the iMovie I made, exported to my files and again to iTunes but it's a Sony MPEG4 on IMOVIE and after exporting it, it keeps converting to QUICKTIME player. I burned it many times on my newly downloaded

TOAST but will only play on my mac and nowhere else. I'm very frustrated bc I had no problems before on the mac book pro with the build in dvd maker, which is not available anymore. So now everyone needs to buy an external dvd burner and a program to burn the time consuming movies. All I wanted is to mail my children a copy. Not happy. Spent way too many hours on it.

Don't know if the problem is the quicktime or the mp4 file. ps it's set on NTSC and a re-writable disc.

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Please confirm which Toast you are using, and what version number.

Set-top DVD players generally need a properly authored DVD-Video disc. E.g. movie files burned as data disc on DVD media may not play in every player.

It seems to me that one should Share a project in iMovie to a File (.mp4). Then this file can be used as input for making a DVD-Video disc in Toast.

The burned DVD-Video disc should contain a VIDEO_TS folder with .VOB/.IFO/.BUP files. If it doesn't have that, then your disc is not a proper DVD-Video disc.


Latest versions at this time:

Toast Titanium 15.1 - Full product, including file conversions (Retail product). ‘Pro’ version is bundled with extras.

Toast Express 1.0 - Limited to data, audio, video discs. No editing. (MacUpdate Store)
Toast DVD 2.3 - Limited to video discs (Apple App Store)
Toast Burn 2.0 - Limited to data discs (Apple App Store)
Toast Audio 1.0 - Limited to audio discs (Apple App Store)
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Thank you for your reply. my video has s BDMV quicktime file and a CERTIFICATE file.

I was told that I can't burn an iMovie from a Mp4 and play it on a regular DVD player that something needs to be changed in the setting before I burn it.

I have the $19.99 version from the App store. Roxio Toast, which doesn't have the capability to convert something just burn or copy.

Thank you again. Sorry to keep asking but something changed from the last few years where I just did it from the laptop.


I just figured it out. I can't burn my HD MP4 on toast HD dvd and play it on a regular dvd player. It needs to be burned on regular dvd.

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DVD player may play various formats: DVD, CD, MPEG-2, Divx AVI. Though you have many MP4 videos, the sad part is that the DVD player does not support MP4 because MP4 is a format with different decodes. Following is the common solution to play MP4 on DVD player.

Burning MP4 to DVD player with five steps

MP4, otherwise known as MPEG-4, is a video format that is most notably used in portable video players such as the iPhone, Android, PSP, etc. However, the format is readily acceptable on most video programs you use on your computer and it is even possible to play the video on a DVD player. The only requirement is that the MP4 be on either a video CD or DVD.

1. Power on your computer and launch the CD/DVD burning software. You need to have the MP4 video on a disk for the CD/DVD player to read it.

2. Decide on if you want to burn CD/DVD. This may all depend on the size of the MP4 video file. If the MP4 video is larger than 700 megabytes you need to go with a DVD (700 megabytes is as much as a CD can hold).

3. Select either video CD/DVD on the menu of the burning software. Click and drag the MP4 video into the main viewing screen of the software, title the disk and click "Burn." The burning process will begin. Depending on the size of the video file, the burning process may take a few minutes.

4. Remove the CD/DVD from the computer once it has finished burning. Power the DVD player on and insert the disk into the drive. Turn on the TV and switch it to the video setting for the DVD player.

5.Wait for the MP4 video to load up on the television screen. Press the "Play" button on the DVD player to begin the playback.

Tips: If the MP4 is not on either a video CD or DVD, even if you have successfully burn MP4 to DVD without converting, you will still encounter issues in playing MP4 on DVD player: Regular standalone DVD players can only read movie DVD's (those are in MPEG-2, and if you view them in Windows Explorer, you see a folder structure with VIDEO_TS, and files like .VOB .IFO and .BUP). Newer DVD players that are DivX-certified can (in addition to the above) read data DVD’s with an AVI file encoded in the DivX codec. Most of the time, you will fail to play MP4 on DVD player unless the DVD players have the "Nero Digital" label on them.

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8 hours ago, HerbertCunningham said:

I have the same problem, how to solve it?

I am certain you do not have the same problem since you just resurrected a 5 year old thread.

Please start your own thread and describe your problem what software version you are using and a bit more info then just "me too"

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