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Audio Delay In Gameplay



This has never happened before. I updated to the latest patch and now, when I edit gameplay videos and even when I render them out, the game audio does not match the video. But in the original recorded video, everything is perfectly fine. How do I fix this? Should I only patch to a certain point? If so, which one because I love the AVCHD outputs. They are perfect and they dont come with the base version for the editor.

Many thanks for the help.

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Like I said at the beginning, this has NEVER happened before. So it's frustrating me a bit. I have never had to do what you are saying I should do. But I did it anyways and no cigar. :( I have even tried recording another game on the PS3 instead of the PS4 and I had the same issues. I recorded the videos at 7000 bitrate. Does that have something to do with it? Because I believe the last time I used it before this shibang happened, I recorded at a 9000 bitrate. Or perhaps if I lower the bitrate to below 7000?

I'm also going to see if I have any missing/outdated drivers. And if i come up with nothing, then i dont know what I'm going to do. Lol

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Alright. Just ran a driver searcher and installer and these are the drivers that were REALLY out of date or just not installed:


2 Human Interface Devices (HID-compliant game controller)

Sound, video and game controllers (driver)

Adobe AIR

Adobe Flash Player ActiveX

Java Runtime Environment


2 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (1 x64 and 1 x86)

2 Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 (1 x64 and 1 x86)


And I think two other drivers that are considered game components but I cant remember. Would any of those outdated/not installed drivers cause the issue I am having? DirectX was one of the ones not installed and I believe so was x64 Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.

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They could and it could be in conjunction with a windows or video card update recently. Years ago we found that a Microsoft Mouse Driver was the cause :wacko:

Your getting too hung up on used to, don't now ;) Unless you can point to an update/install/uninstall that happened just before this stated it isn't relevant. And if you are using this to ignore some of the things I am suggesting, not good.

Let's try a proper repair:

First thing to do is to turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc.

Unplug your RGC Device and put it aside until you are completely finished.

Now insert your Roxio Disc.

Don’t do any updates at this time (get it running first)

When you reach the screen where Repair is offered, choose that!

When the Repair completes, turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.

I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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Finally! I think I got it working! I had to update to 2.0 for it to work on PS4. I didnt know I had to do that. I recorded a 15 minute video, rendered it and it plays perfectly. So, between the driver updates, the repair, and the update, it finally works! Lol. Thanks for the help. I seriously would not have thought to use the repair.

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Often an issue...


Use Software Render (Tools - Options)


Make sure you aren't multi tasking during the render process.


Last trick is to make numerous Splits in the Video at maybe 15 minute or 10 minute or even 5 minute intervals.


Let us know ;)

Yeah. It didnt work. I still have the delay. I even tried splitting the video multiple times. And the render still comes out with the delay.

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Another trick is to pass the captured video through a converter... Sometimes it will clear up a small corruption that the Editor won't tolerate. A Good one to use is HERE

I use that converter myself. This is so weird. It plays perfectly fine in windows media player. But if I upload it to youtube as is, different parts are good and different parts are messed up than in the editor. The messed up parts and how they are messed up are not consistent depending on the editor, converter and where I upload the video... It's really hard to describe but I hope im making sense.

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You make prefect sense ~ after all we are dealing with a computer so anything is possible :lol:


Some of the steps. You want to start with a good file, hence the need for a converter to put it into proper format. (not always necessary but sometimes a PC can't keep up with the vast amount of data coming in)


When you do your edits you want to output and test the file.


For YouTube you want to make sure you are sending them the file they like. I am strictly a beginner there but H.264 @ 1080P, 25 to 30 fps encoded at 10mbps seems to work. I have put up a couple at 22 & 42 minutes.


And keep in mind you need to have an 'upgraded' account (forget what they call it) otherwise they will re-render your video and that throws another possibility into the mix ;)


Try a new recording/rendering just to see what it does there. You can always delete it later.

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